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RMA of Michigan, one of the leading fertility clinics in Michigan, has been caring for patients since November 2006 and we want to thank those who have placed their trust in us. Throughout the years, we have given hope to many couples struggling to start their own family or add to their existing one. We currently have over 2,500 babies born as a result of our program. We feel honored and humbled that so many with fertility problems have sought our care and counsel.

RMA of Michigan specializes in the following services.

RMA of Michigan has the most advanced and comprehensive infertility treatment options available. Call us to schedule an appointment today at our Michigan fertility center at (248) 619-3100.

The RMA of Michigan IVF program attributes a lot of their success to having two very skilled and knowledgeable reproductive endocrinologists, Dr. Brad Miller and Dr. Lynda Wolf. Along with their experienced and dedicated support staff they have been able to create a winning team that understands the complex world of infertility. As a result, RMA of Michigan is one of the most trusted fertility clinics in Michigan.

IVF in Michigan and throughout the country has improved tremendously over the years. To be a top fertility clinic in Michigan you have to offer the most cutting edge technology when it comes to IVF. At one time, it was common for a woman to have three or four embryos transferred in an IVF cycle. Nowadays, there is more focus on single embryo transfers due to improved IVF techniques and improved IVF success rates.

For many patients the biggest reason why they cannot pursue many of the fertility treatments like IVF is because of cost. Most patients who go to fertility clinics in Michigan do not have fertility coverage. Unfortunately, due to no fertility coverage a lot of patients cannot pursue IVF or patients have to delay pursuing treatment, which does not help their chances of success. At RMA of Michigan, knowing that IVF is a big expense, there are a number of financial resources available for patients. This includes an IVF multi-cycle discount plan that might appeal to eligible IVF patients. Fertility centers in Michigan have to be able to offer their patients options to help make IVF more affordable.

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