How to Choose the Right Fertility Center

One in eight couples will suffer from infertility. Once you are told that you may be that one in eight you need to decide what fertility center to go to. How do you ensure that you choose the right one?

Generally, your OBGYN, urologist or primary care physician is the one that will refer you to a fertility specialist. Usually, they will refer you after you have experienced an inability to conceive after an extended period of time. There are other factors that may lead your physician to see a specialist, like recurrent miscarriage, tubal factors or initial workup indicating a potential medical issue. Whatever the reason may be you are now faced with choosing what fertility center to go to. You may be given a recommendation from your doctor or a friend, or insurance may dictate who you see. Nowadays, a number of people rely on the internet to tell them what the best restaurant or salon is. It’s no different when it comes to doctors. Typing “best fertility center” or “best fertility doctor” in the search is something many people will do. Hoping that the internet will direct them to best doctor isn’t necessarily a bad thing to do but there are a number of factors you should look at when choosing a fertility clinic.

Success rates

You want to choose a clinic that is successful getting people pregnant. That’s a no brainer, right? You’d be surprised how many people never look at the number of IVF cycles a clinic performs or their success rates. Make sure you check out both! You can visit or to see any fertility center’s success rates.


Many patients choose the clinic that is located closest to their home or work. With having to make multiple visits, many of those being very early appointments, patients don’t want to have to drive far. However, make sure you balance convenience with quality health care.

First Impression

No matter what office you are visiting for the first time, your first impression when you walk through the door matters…a lot! Infertility is a very emotional and sensitive issue to go through. Patients need to feel comfortable and confident with the office they decide to pursue treatment with. You want an office that is clean, organized, personable and knowledgeable.


No one wants to go to a “bad” fertility center. Nowadays with so many couples seeking infertility treatment and being open about it, the likelihood of you knowing someone who had treatment is pretty high. Patients can be the biggest ambassadors for a fertility clinic but they can also make it very well known if they had a bad experience. Getting feedback from someone who has first-hand experience with a fertility clinic or doctor can be a great resource.


Cost of fertility treatment is a big factor when it comes to pursuing treatment. A lot of patients pay out of pocket for the majority of treatment so price may dictate where a patient goes. Some fertility centers don’t participate with any or all insurances. Some offer discounted or refund packages that may appeal to patients. Patients may shop around for the best price when it comes to fertility treatment but keep in mind sometimes you get what you pay for so don’t necessarily look for just the best deal.

Choosing the right fertility center comes down to choosing the right fertility center for you. Everyone is different and some patients will value certain things more than others. Some want convenience, some want the cheapest price and some want the one that gave them the best feeling. Whatever it may be, you need to feel confident with your choice.

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