Recommended Books

There are a number of published resources that you can read to help you and your partner better understand infertility. We've reviewed these books and think you'll find them helpful.

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The New Fertility and Conception: The Essential Guide for Childless Couples By John J. Stangel, M.D.

The Couples Guide to Fertility: With the Newest Scientific Techniques to Help You Have a Baby, UpdatedVersion by Gary S. Berger, M.D., Marc Goldstein, M.D. and Mark Fuers

How to be a Successful Fertility Patient: Your Guide to Getting the Best Possible Medical Help to Have a Baby by Peggy Robin

Helping the Stork: The Choices and Challenges of Donor Insemination  by Carol Frost Vercollone, Heidi Moss, Robert Moss

The Endometriosis Sourcebook by Mary Lou Ballweg

The Pregnancy Prescription: The Success-Oriented Approach to Overcoming Infertility by Hugh D. Melnick, Nancy Intrator

Building Your Family Through Egg Donation by Joyce Sutkamp Friedeman, Ph.D.

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