Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS)

Breakthrough Technology Changing the Face of IVF

Genetic screening of embryos in advance, before implantation into uterus, can help achieve higher implantation rates and fewer pregnancy losses. Current data suggest that the majority of miscarriages (50-70%) are a result of the embryo having too few or too many chromosomes.

RMA of Michigan is the only center in Michigan with access to SelectCCS, a technology developed by RMA of New Jersey that allows us to perform a 24-chromosome screening of embryos.

SelectCCS is an evidence-based approach that has demonstrated to be 98.6% accurate at improving the safety and efficacy of your IVF cycle. As a result we are able to identify if the embryo has the normal number of chromosomes (euploid) or if it has an abnormal amount of chromosomes (aneuploid).

This procedure might be particularly helpful for women >35, couples with recurrent miscarriages or multiple-failed IVF cycles.

Another benefit of SelectCCS is that we can greatly reduce the odds of having multiple pregnancies (twins or triplets) since we have the knowledge that we are transferring the most chromosomal fit embryo. The need to transfer multiple embryos is eliminated.

How Does SelectCCS work?

In the past we have relied on judging an embryo’s potential by how it looks. We now know that we cannot just look at embryo in order to tell whether it is chromosomally normal.

The patient would go through a typical IVF cycle except after the retrieval we obtain 5-10 cells from a day 5 or 6 embryo called a blastocyst. When performing the biopsy on day 5 or 6 when the embryo is at a more advanced stage it increases the accuracy of the testing. Also, performing the biopsy at this stage lowers the risk to the embryo because it has roughly a hundred cells at this point. We freeze the embryos while we wait for the results of SelectCCS to return. The transfer of the embryo/embryos, with a normal set of chromosomes, would then occur during the patient’s next cycle, which has proven to have benefits. Waiting a cycle to complete the transfer allows the female’s uterus and ovaries to go back to a more natural condition.

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