Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Proactive Approach to COVID-19 Virus

RMA of Michigan COVID Related Office Policies and Updates

Important Covid-19 Documents

RMA of Michigan is actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we continue to prioritize the safety, health, and well-being of our patients and staff. We will continue to monitor the situation and make any necessary changes as needed. As always, we appreciate your continued patience and understanding. While this is the new normal for all of us, we will continue to get through this together!

New Office Protocols: Effective May 4th

All patients and staff will be required to wear a mask. We ask that you please bring your own mask when coming to our office. Please see the video at or go to, both links show you how to make your own mask. We thank you for helping do your part by protecting yourself and our staff!

Prior to entering the office both staff and patients will be properly screened and asked to wash their hands. We ask you to self monitor at home as well. Please do not come into the office if you have any of the following symptoms; a temperature of 99.8 or higher, shortness of breath or a cough. This applies to all patients and staff.

For the purpose of social distancing, for both patients and staff, we have made adjustments to our office structure.

Effective October 29, 2020: All RMA patients should TEXT us at 248-225-2822 with your full name to let us know you have arrived in the parking lot. (we DO NOT respond to messages or calls on this phone) You will NOT receive a text back by staff UNTIL it is your turn to come in. At which point we ask that you enter the first set of doors, use the hand sanitizer provided, and a member of our staff will direct you where to go. You will scan a QR CODE to take a self screening questionnaire, and take your temperature. (This can ONLY be done from our building) Please do not text before you arrive, you will lose your place in line. Once you have passed the questionnaire you will receive a badge sent back to your phone. You will need your clear to go badge to show a team member. If you have any questions or need to use the restroom, please CALL us at 248-619-3100.

At this time only the patient will be permitted into the office, this is to reduce the amount of people in our office at one time. With the exception of egg retrieval, transfer, and last OB scan, your partner may accompany you then.  Partners, children, and/or anyone else accompanying you will not be allowed in the office. In addition, only patients will be allowed into the procedure room suite for retrievals, embryo transfers, or any other procedure.

Male patients producing specimens (with the exception of retrieval specimen) must produce at home and drop the specimen off at your scheduled appointment time. At home collection kits with instructions can be picked up at the front desk. If you live an hour away or more please discuss this with a lab staff member when making your appointment.

Telemedicine appointments continue to be held for all new patient consultations and follow up appointments. You will speak to your assigned Nurse immediately following your appointment with the Physicians. A financial counselor will reach out to you shortly after you speak to your Nurse. Please note: all deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays will still apply.

Our finance, billing, and admin teams are working remotely from home.  Again this is to minimize the number of people in the office. Rest assured, they will continue to provide you with the very best care.

If you are planning to travel voluntarily to a high-risk country with increased COVID-19 cases, we’ll ask you to self quarantine for 14 calendar days upon return.

As we receive updates and need to adjust policies, we will notify you. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact us at 248-619-3100.

This is an uncertain and unprecedented time, you are not alone.  We will navigate this as best as we can.  We hope to be back to our regular normal soon and we will continue to be by your side as your resource, support team, health team, and cheerleader!

Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.

All the best-

Your RMA of Michigan Team

For additional resources we recommend the following:

CDC –Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

WHO-World Health Organization

ASRM-American Society of Reproductive Medicine

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