Education Videos

RMA of Michigan Teach Injection Videos

All IVF patients will watch Video #1 first then watch Video #2 OR Video #3 depending on their cycle. Your physician or nurse will instruct you on which one to watch.


RMA of Michigan Teach Injection Video (Gonal & Menopur Meds)

Video #2

Cetrotide/Ganirelix Teach Injection Video

Video #3

Lupron/Microflare Teach Injection Video

IVF 101 Patient Education Video

RMA of Michigan’s Dr. Karen Wheeler gives an informative presentation on in vitro fertilization (IVF) and answers patient questions regarding the IVF process.

Dr. Karen Wheeler Discusses Ovarian Reserve

Dr. Karen Wheeler with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan discusses ovarian reserve and the different testing for ovarian reserve.

Igenomix Patient Education Hub

IVF Patient Education Hub

The patient education hub is a new platform to help you learn about reproductive genetic testing and how it can help you.

What will you find?

Before testing, you can go through our educational online program and learn about:

  • What to expect when you start IVF
  • Carrier screening to prevent genetic mutations
  • The endometrium matters: the ERA test
  • Screening embryos with PGT-A
  • Learning from miscarriages: POC
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Sema4 Expanded Carrier Screening Pre-Test Video