Ohio IVF Patients

The majority of RMA of Michigan’s out-of-state IVF patients come from Ohio due to our close proximity and one of our fertility doctors connection to the Toledo, OH area. Prior to founding RMA of Michigan, Dr. Wolf was practicing at one of the fertility clinics in Ohio. She started the assisted reproductive technology program at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. Many of her former IVF patients from the Toledo area have followed her here to RMA.

With the limited number of fertility centers in northwest Ohio we have seen an increase in the number of IVF patients coming from the Toledo area. Our infertility doctors, Dr. Brad Miller and Dr. Lynda Wolf have extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of infertility from the most basic to the highly complex. All fertility treatments for Ohio Patients from ovulation induction to IVF with ICSI are done at our fertility center in Troy. For more information about the IVF process at RMA of Michigan, go to our IVF process page. Also, make sure you check out our most recent IVF success rates page. If you would like more information about the other fertility treatment options we offer like IUI’s visit our IUI process page.

Most of our northwest Ohio IVF patients have anywhere from a one to two hour drive, but for some it can be even longer. For our patients traveling from Ohio our physicians are happy to offer phone consults if that is more convenient for the patient. For those Ohio patients going through fertility treatment and traveling from a distance we can provide a list of hotels in the area that offer a corporate discount.

If you are looking for fertility clinics in the Toledo, Ohio area, RMA of Michigan is your number one source for all of your fertility treatment needs. Please contact us for more information.