Patient Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions regarding ferility, women, and men's health have been answered. To read these frequently asked questions, please follow the button below.

Fertility Myths

Here at RMA of Michigan we have brought to tegether and debunked some of the common myths associates with Fertility. To learn more about these common myths, please click the button listed below.

Glossary of Terms

A glossary of medical terminology from A to Z for you a more comprehensive understanding of your health and well being.

Recommended Books

There are a number of published resources that you can read to help you and your partner better understand infertility. We've reviewed these books and think you'll find them helpful.

Articles of Interest

We've accumulated a library worth of articles covering the spectrum of infertility and pregnancy free for you to download, print, and read. Please click the button below to access our Article of Interest that we think you will find valuable.


We are commonly asked questions regarding immunizations, their effect on pregnancy and their impact on infertility therapy. We have prepared this document to hopefully answer some of your basic questions. Please click on the button below for more information.

Video Education

This section provides you with a close up look at eggs, sperm, and embryos as they appear through the microscopes in our Andrology/Embryology Laboratories. Please click on the button listed below view our vidoes.