Donna's Full Fertility Journey

My husband & I had tried to get pregnant on our own for about a year. After having my husband see his urologist, we were referred to Dr. Wolf at RMA. RMA was the first and only center we went to for treatment and I am so thankful we did. We have two beautiful 20 month old twins, a girl and a boy and we owe it all to RMA. Without them and their expertise we would not have the family we have today.

On our initial consultation with Dr. Wolf, she explained in great detail the different types of infertility there are and the different types of treatment that could be done. On that same day I had blood work done as well as my husband.

After being diagnosed with an elevated FSH level Dr. Wolf advised that the only option would be for us to use an egg donor. This was very difficult to hear, but after some serious thinking and praying my husband and I moved forward with the donor process. The donor process is very lengthy but RMA and the entire staff was very professional and compassionate throughout our entire journey. We had a couple of failed attempts (one of my greatest fears throughout this journey) but we never lost hope and neither did Dr. Wolf and her staff.

Ultimately we ended up getting pregnant using our two frozen embryos and we have happy, healthy twins. The transfer itself is quick and for the most part painless, a little uncomfortable but nothing to complain about. We found out we were pregnant 10 days after the transfer. Dr. Wolf contacted us and gave us the great news.

We saw Dr. Wolf & Dr. Miller quite often (no idea the number of visits) but it was a lot. They do not treat you as just a patient; they care about you and hope along with you that all will work out. I will never forget the day we found out we were having twins. After the ultrasound when my husband & I came out of the exam room, Dr. Miller and the nurses were all in the hall with smiles and open arms.

I would highly recommend RMA of Michigan to friends & family. They are the reason we have our family. They are in our eyes TRUE MIRACLE WORKERS. We cannot thank them enough.

Donna Gatt

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