Kate's Fertility Journey

RMA of Michigan was the first center we visited for treatment. We had seen my OB/GYN and used some medications but nothing extensive and no further work up to see what was causing the issues. During the consultation patients can expect to meet with the physician and a team of other staff including nursing staff and financial support staff. I was a little shocked when we didn’t do blood work or any type of physical exam at my consultation as I had expected it.

Even though we felt pulled in the direction of IVF since we had gone through multiple losses we decided to try IUI’s. My biggest concerns were cost and never figuring out what is/was wrong or causing the issues. During the course treatment I saw Dr. Miller 3-4 times for appointments. However, that is not counting morning monitoring appointments. Between Dr. Miller and Dr. Wolf I probably have seen them 50 times. Throughout treatment we were on different medications for about five months. Some of those I had to take daily and others were just during certain parts of the cycle. During the last two cycles we used injectables and had to have a shot daily for about 10-12 days. During the stim time right before ovulation it could be very painful. I was pretty bloated and uncomfortable but it did pass rather quickly. Otherwise, just needle sticks here and there that weren’t all that bad.

We got pregnant on our first cycle with RMA but unfortunately miscarried. It took two more cycles and our fifth cycle was our current and most successful pregnancy so far. Dr. Miller contacted me the morning of my positive beta. I already knew because I took a test at home but the blood test confirmed it. I was excited but cautious due to our history.

Looking back, I wish I would have known that it’s okay to worry and be anxious. I also wish the pricing and break down were on the internet. It was difficult to convince my husband to make the consultation when I couldn’t give him pricing for anything.

RMA has been wonderfully supportive and so generous. With my history of miscarriage I have been extremely anxious about every little thing. They have encouraged me to come in for any worry I have had and haven’t been rude about me being so anxious.

The nursing staff and medical assistant staff are great, and most of all the physicians are excellent and definitely help assure patients. I can’t thank Dr. Wolf and Dr. Miller enough for assuring me multiple times that everything is okay and being patient with me through it all. I already referred a patient and would absolutely refer many more. Thank you for being such a huge part of getting us to where we are today and I hope that when August comes around I can show off our new baby!


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