Rachel's Fertility Journey

After trying to start a family unsuccessfully for several years I reluctantly made an appointment with RMA. I was terrified of what I’d hear, tests that would have to be run, and the possible procedures we may have to face. Though I was still scared, I left there feeling like we had a plan in place and that our dream of having a child could soon become reality. Nothing could have prepared me for what we were about to face over the next 14 months but the compassion and care shown to us by Dr. Wolf and the entire staff helped us through our darkest moments to a place of hope and joy.

I never thought I’d be able to handle going through IUI’s but after 10 years of marriage and still no baby I tried to put aside my fears. Dr. Wolf and my nurse, Chris, were with me every step of the way calming me down and did everything possible to make me feel comfortable and safe. After several unsuccessful attempts at IUI’s my husband and I decided to save our money and give IVF a try. Our first attempt failed and we were devastated. It took me several months to gain the strength and courage to give IVF another try. I was terrified but at the same time couldn’t imagine looking back and having regrets if we didn’t try again. Our second IVF resulted in pregnancy. We were thrilled but trying to stay cautious at the same time because this was the first time in over 10 years we’ve ever had a positive pregnancy test. Shortly after, we experienced traumatic loss with many complications. Dr. Wolf was there for us and by our side throughout it all. She truly cared about me physically and emotionally. I was never a number to her, I was a real person who she took great interest in caring for. Once recovered and given the okay to try again we proceeded with a FET of 2 frozen embryos that we had from our second fresh IVF cycle. We were thrilled when we found out we were pregnant again. Dr. Wolf knew I was anxious because of our previous losses and several early pregnancy complications. She was very compassionate and was willing to go the extra mile to help me feel reassured that things were progressing as they should be and that our baby was doing well. I’m happy to say that we are now 5 weeks away from meeting our little miracle boy.

I feel very fortunate that I came to RMA and highly recommend them to anyone struggling with infertility. The expertise, compassion, understanding, respect, and care they show to their patients is like no other. I have been to many doctors in my lifetime and Dr. Wolf is by far the best doctor I have ever seen. We are forever grateful to her and her entire staff for being with us throughout our entire journey to parenthood.


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