Amber's Fertility Journey

RMA was referred to us by my OB after I had two miscarriages. My second miscarriage was an ectopic ruptured pregnancy that required emergency surgery and a damaged Fallopian tube with scar tissue. I was unable to get pregnant after and at a much increased risk for another ectopic pregnancy. After meeting with Dr. Miller he was able to quickly do blood and imaging tests to determine IVF would be our best option. The nurses are very knowledgeable and you can call them day or night. They answer quickly and go above and beyond to help you.

We were lucky to get pregnant with our first IVF cycle and with bleeding early on I was a worried mess. They would let me come in without an appointment and ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy was still viable. They never dismiss your concerns and always are understanding. I had a healthy girl then did IVF again and had a son 12 months later! We had embryos left over and decided to try one more time. I became pregnant with twin boys and unfortunately miscarried them. After a lot of blood work and genetic testing on our embryos I became pregnant with another daughter. I had extreme complications with this pregnancy and was told too many times to count I probably wouldn’t keep the pregnancy and had heavy bleeding the entire time. I think I had a minimum of 300 ultrasounds….. the entire time rma kept me on as a patient so I could be followed closely. Now I have a healthy wild daughter!

Overall, RMA gave me 3 healthy kids I wouldn’t have otherwise. Highly recommend!!


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