Where Do I Start?

You have been trying to conceive for months or maybe even years unsuccessfully. You are concerned there is a problem. Where do you start? Taking the step to contact a reproductive endocrinologist is not always an easy one. At RMA of Michigan we understand that the word “infertility” can be a scary one and you can have a million different questions or concerns.

Many patients have already expressed their concern to a primary care physician or OBGYN if they have been unable to get pregnant prior to coming to our office. Those providers may have ordered some testing to see if anything comes back abnormal. Testing typically includes blood work to check hormone levels, a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to make sure your tubes are open, and a semen analysis for your male partner to make sure there are no sperm issues. We will ask that you fax your medical records to our office prior to your consultation so our physicians have time to review them. 

During your initial consultation you will meet with a physician, nurse and financial counselor. These staff will be your main point of contacts if you choose to pursue treatment with us. You are encouraged to ask questions as this can be an overwhelming process. The physician will be able to discuss treatment options based on test results and medical history. If you haven’t had any testing done previously you will start with this basic evaluation after having the consultation. This will allow the physician to know what the best course of treatment for you will be. For many patients the initial treatment is an intrauterine insemination (IUI) with ovulation medications. Click here to read more about IUI’s. Other patients may need to start with in vitro fertilization (IVF) if IUI’s are determined to not be the preferred route of treatment. Click here to learn more about IVF.

No matter what treatment you have our team at RMA of Michigan is here to guide you along the way. We are here to provide the support and information you need to make this process as easy as possible and give you the result that you want, a baby.  

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