Laboratory Team

Michigan IVF Fertility Clinic

Senior/Lead Embryologist

Bailey is a graduate of Colorado State University with a Master of Science in Biomedical Science specializing in ART. She has worked in a laboratory for over 10 years, as an embryologist since 2016, and joined the RMA team in 2019. Helping patients on their journey to become parents and expand their families is the most rewarding part of her job. She also loves when patients send in their newborn and family pictures.

Michigan IVF Fertility Clinic

Senior Embryologist

Meredith has worked at RMA for 13 years and has had a variety of roles in our lab throughout the years. She feels at home in a lab setting and thoroughly enjoys the reproductive field. Being able to see the excitement when someone is pregnant and knowing that she helped create that is what she loves the most about her job.

Courtney K.

Courtney is a graduate of Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. She has been working in andrology since the spring of 2021. Courtney loves to be an active part in helping families achieve their fertility goals.

Michigan IVF Fertility Clinic

Lead Laboratory Technologist

Joan has her Associate’s degree from Clark State College (Springfield, Ohio) and worked over 20 years as an MLT. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in August of 2019.

Michigan IVF Fertility Clinic

Laboratory Technologist

Jose is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He has been working in a laboratory setting for two years and is new to the andrology field. Jose is excited to be helping others in his community through science.

Michigan IVF Fertility Clinic

Laboratory Technologist

Amber is a Graduate of Oakland University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. She also holds two Associates degrees from Oakland Community College with concentrated studies in science. She has worked in a Lab setting for three years and has thoroughly enjoyed using the latest scientific tools and techniques to test various specimens. Amber is excited in her role at RMA, which is instrumental in helping families achieve their dream of parenthood. 

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Laboratory Technologist

Brittany has her Bachelor’s in Bio from the University of Michigan. She has worked in a lab for two years. She loves using compassion and science in the laboratory to help patients reach their fertility goals and create their families. Her favorite part of her job is resulting and entering positive pregnancy blood results.

higan IVF Fertility Clinic

Rebecca, RDMS

Rebecca has been an Ultrasonographer for over three years now and feels she couldn’t have found a more interesting career for herself. The field of ultrasound is vast, and she enjoys every modality, but she loves getting to provide her skills in helping women bring little ones into their lives. Seeing a patient’s relief and big smile brings Rebecca so much joy when the mom gets that first ultrasound of her growing, healthy baby.

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Laboratory Admin

Alyssa graduated from Oakland University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She has worked in veterinary medicine since the age of 16 and worked in an environmental chemistry lab while in school. She is excited about the new journey of working in fertility. Alyssa enjoys being able to help others alongside practicing her love of science.