Michigan Fertility Clinic


Patient Services Team

Our patient services team’s first priority is making sure that the patient has a pleasant experience from the first time they walk into our office. They are here to assist you with all of your questions and any concerns you may have.

Patient Services

Kelly has been in the medical field for eight years and has worked for RMA for seven years in the Patient Services Department. Since working in the fertility field, it has really opened her eyes to just how many people are having a difficult time trying to have a family. She feels RMA is such a rewarding office to work for and loves seeing patient’s faces when they are being discharged pregnant from our office.

Patient Services

Cecelia has been in the medical field for 28 plus years. She has worked in infertility for five years with RMA of Michigan. She loves interacting with the patients and providing excellent customer service.

Patient Services

Jenny has worked in the medical field for over 12 years and started at RMA of Michigan in 2017. She feels blessed to be able to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives.

Patient Services

Heather has worked in the medical field for seven years. She is very compassionate and loves to help others . Heather understands the struggle of becoming pregnant and it warms her heart to be a part of a team that helps others dreams come true.

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