Billing & Insurance

What is the IVF cost in Michigan? How much do medications cost? These are the kinds of questions that fertility patients ask every day. We understand that considering fertility treatment is a big commitment and it’s natural to have questions about the cost. The cost of IVF or any fertility treatment cycle can be confusing and overwhelming. Our team at RMA of Michigan is here to help guide you and help you understand the costs associated with fertility treatment such as IVF and IUI.
Each new fertility patient at RMA of Michigan is assigned a financial counselor committed to helping our patients navigate the costs associated with fertility treatment. Michigan is not mandated for insurance coverage for fertility treatment; however, several insurances will cover some aspects of fertility treatment, such as office visits, bloodwork, or ultrasounds. Many patients are disappointed to find that they do not have coverage for the cost of IVF, IUI, or medications. The good news is that there are different financial options for patients, such as fertility loans, fertility treatment grants, and IVF multi-cycle discount plans to help with the cost of IVF. In addition, more and more companies are purchasing fertility benefits for their employees.
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Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage for infertility and IVF treatment
Health insurance can add to the complexities of the decisions you will have to make when choosing infertility treatment options. At RMA of Michigan, our goal is to alleviate some of that stress and help you work with your insurance company to ensure that you are reimbursed at the maximum level that you are covered.

IVF Multi Cycle Plan

RMA’s multi cycle discount plan allows patients to pay one discounted fee for two fresh and two frozen IVF cycles. By paying for the four IVF cycles as a package you receive a significant discount ranging from 20-35% depending on your age and whether or not ICSI is required. This plan makes it more financially affordable and predictable for patients who plan to do multiple IVF cycles if the first one is not successful. This gives peace of mind that if the first IVF cycle is not a success, there are up to three more chances to achieve a pregnancy.


EggFund Affordable Fertility Loans
EggFund has the largest network of vetted fertility lenders, who provide you pre-approved loan offers. EggFund gives you more choices, so you can find the best loan for you—all in one place. Loans can cover all aspects of the treatment process including, testing, and medication, agency, attorney and storage fees.

IVF and Family Building Grants

Several different family-building grants are available for patients that can help with the cost of fertility treatments, such as IVF and donor egg, and grants for domestic adoption.