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Multi Cycle Plan

RMA’s multi cycle discount plan allows patients to pay one discounted fee for two fresh and two frozen IVF cycles. By paying for the four IVF cycles as a package you receive a significant discount ranging from 20-35% depending on your age and whether or not ICSI is required. This plan makes it more financially affordable and predictable for patients who plan to do multiple IVF cycles if the first one is not successful. This gives peace of mind that if the first IVF cycle is not a success, there are up to three more chances to achieve a pregnancy.

The multi cycle program is ideal for patients who are paying out of pocket with no insurance coverage, or for those who have waived or exhausted their insurance benefits. Patients may be able to use their insurance benefits for pre-screening tests and medications.


  • Female must have a normal uterine cavity
  • Male sperm morphology must be normal or ICSI will be required
  • Couple must complete the two fresh and two frozen cycles within a 12 month time limit
  • If the patient has frozen embryos, they must use their frozen embryos prior to proceeding with a fresh cycle

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What’s Included:

  • Up to two fresh and two frozen IVF cycles
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Cryopreservation & storage of embryos for the first 2 years; Annual storage of $500 will be billed after initial 48 months.
  • Monitoring labs, ultrasounds & office visits during cycles. We do offer a lower priced package when monitoring labs, ultrasounds and office visits during cycles are a covered benefit.

What’s Not Included:

  • Pre-screening & testing
  • Complications
  • Pregnancy Monitoring
  • Male Services (i.e Biopsy & semen analysis)
  • Donor Sperm
  • Medications
  • Anesthesia
  • ICSI unless ICSI package is purchased