Infertility Support Group -

Chosen Infertility Group

RMA has been thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with a local Detroit infertility support and non-profit group. A former patient of RMA of Michigan, Lauren Clements, founded Chosen Infertility Group and strives to help others struggling with infertility by providing community, support & education. Monthly support socials via Zoom allow those seeking additional support the comfort of their own home and a way to connect with those sharing in the same journey. Most are offered on Thursday or Friday evenings at 7:30pm and often host a guest speaker to shed more light on important topics- such as acupuncture or diet. 

Wondering if you’ll fit in? Those that have started their journey, are all too well-accustomed to it or hold their own success story are welcomed. Women facing IUI, IVF, surrogacy, secondary infertility or seeking donors have all contributed in more ways than one and have not only helped raise awareness but reminded us all- we’re not alone.  No one is excluded- not even men! Infertility is hard on all those involved and providing support for all males involved has not been unheeded. 

Make some friends, get support and advice. We’re better together. Visit to learn more and follow them on Facebook & Instagram @Choseninfertility.